Reuse your old Febreeze spray bottle to help you get more done around the house fast. It’ll also help you save a lot of money in the long run!


I love to reuse the Febreeze spray bottle when I’m done with the original Febreeze fabric refresher solution. The Febreeze spray bottle has three different spray function, the spray is pretty powerful and it works great. The bottle also looks nice not cheapy looking. 

So instead of buying a reusable bottle I use the Febreeze spray bottle when we have an empty one (we have enough spray bottles since I was able to get a lot Febreeze for dirt cheap awhile back) 

Here are the many uses for all our Febreeze spray bottles in our home:
I always label each bottle~ nothing fancy, just use a Sharpie or label maker.
I also always clean and sanitize each bottle before adding anything to it.

-50/50 vinegar solution bottle for the bathrooms, kitchen and everywhere in our home (works great as an air freshener and for quick daily wipe down)

We usually use our old Febreeze bottles for laundry purposes.

-water spray bottle for ironing

•Homemade Air Freshener

•Homemade Febreeze

-DYI homemade Shout

.•Homemade Wrinkle Releaser 

•Apple Cider Vinegar to spray lightly  on Lukey and Bear before they go outside.
ACV helps repels fleas and also helps with ear infections.
We haven’t been buying Front Line for almost year now and we have not found one fleas or ticks on Bear and Lukey. 

•Homemade Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner


To open the  Febreeze spray bottle~ you must use boiled water or heat up the water in microwave for 2 mins or more. 
Give the bottle a hot bath for two mins or more and you’ll be able to open it very easily by twisting it a little bit.
Once you open the spray bottle using the hot bath method it will be so easy to open the next time you need to do a refill. You’ll  not need to give the spray bottle a hot bath each time you need to open it after you opened it the first time.

Make sure you have the spray bottle on “locked”

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    Thanks for the tip about opening a Febreeze bottle. It works like a charm & I had hit the internet because I could not open the bottle normally. A slap on the wrist for Febreeze which sells the liquid to refill the bottle but does not tell how to remove the spray bottle top in order to refill it.

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